Story of single mom inspires $5,000 financial lifeline from News 6 viewer

Rebecca Weaver is one of hundreds still waiting for unemployment benefits

ORLANDO, Fla. – A News 6 viewer opened his heart and his wallet after he saw the plight of an unemployed mother of three during a newscast.

Robert, a longtime University of Florida football fan, donated $5,000 to Rebecca Weaver’s family, saying he hopes his gesture will inspire other community members to do the same thing.

Robert said he prefers his last name not be used.

“I’m happy I can do this kind of thing for people,” Robert said Monday night. “If I was on the other side I would hope they would do that for me.”

Not one for publicity, Robert has quietly donated to three other families since the coronavirus forced businesses to shut down and furlough employees.

Weaver said she was on medical leave from the Copart auto auction company in Tallahassee for a month because of a weak immune system caused by a medication.

After the 30-day leave was complete she received a doctor’s clearance to return to work but her supervisor sent a surprising text message: “Thanks for getting back to me but the positions have been filled.”

Rebecca’s struggle to get state unemployment benefits has added to her challenge to keep a roof over her children’s heads.

Without a stimulus check and unemployment benefits, she was unable to pay the rent on her home in Havana, Florida.

“We lost our home, the kids had friends, we lost all that”, she said.

Monday night News 6 set up a Zoom video call meeting between Weaver and Robert.

Fighting back tears, an emotional Robert delivered the goodwill.

”Me and my wife would like to make a $5,000 donation to you,” he said on the Zoom call.

Weaver broke into tears thanking him again and again.

“I’m glad I can do this for you and the children,” Robert said.

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