Wild video: Car crashes through South Florida fence, flies over pool

A South Florida family is okay after an SUV went off the road and flew over their family’s pool.

A 2-year-old boy, 11-year-old girl and their parents weren’t in the Toyota RAV-4′s path, but some maintenance workers had left the area just hours before the crash.

Carlos Lago and his family were stunned by a loud sound and all this damage in their yard Friday morning, but when surveillance video showed them how it happened, they were in shock.

“It was like an explosion, like a big explosion," the homeowner Carlos Lago told WPLG.

From the video you can see the SUV is airborne, skimming the pool, flying through a gate, coming to rest on the street out front.

"She went straight through all my yard, you know," Lago said.

That's where Miami-Dade police and fire rescue responded to tend to that driver.

What makes this incident all the more troubling is knowing what might've happened.

Just two hours earlier, two maintenance workers were outside, and the family has been spending a lot of time in the pool during hot days in quarantine, but it rained today. And it kept them inside. It may have saved them.

"We would be outside in the pool, like, spending time in the pool. This is what scares me the most." Lago said.

Lago says this isn't the first time a car has come speeding off the street.

"My neighbor that she lives next door, this has happened to her seven times," according to Lago.

The homeowner is begging for the mayor, commissioners, anyone who will listen, to make changes before someone is killed.

"A wall or like a safety barrier or something that they can stop this," Lago pleaded.

Two fences were destroyed from the accident.

Miami-Dade Rire Rescue says the driver likely suffered a diabetic shock. There’s no word on the driver’s condition.