Businesses face new challenges as restrictions are put into place amid coronavirus pandemic

Shops also need to secure personal protective equipment for their employees

ORLANDO, Fla. – Many businesses are still in the process of reopening, but there are lots of restrictions in place aimed at keeping everyone healthy.

Those restrictions are making it challenging for some shops and restaurants as they can only have half of their normal capacity and need to secure personal protective equipment for their employees, among other issues.

Many downtown and Parramore area business leaders have been meeting and sharing ideas about reopening and told News 6 it feels good hearing firsthand what’s worked and what’s not working from people like them trying to figure this whole thing out.

Neal Crosier owns Popcorn Junkie in Orlando's Parramore neighborhood. He said during these times of uncertainty, it's felt great knowing he’s not alone.

"We’re trying to each support each other so that we don’t have the problem of one person doing good and the other person doing bad. It’s all about working together in this community," said Crosier.

Crosier said he’s reopening his doors on Friday. He said it’s been that sense of community that means so much. From learning ways to better market his businesses to sharing ideas on the best ways to safely reopen, it’s been great working with restaurant and business owners nearby.

"I did work with PPP to help the other businesses in the area to help them Properly fill out their application," said Crosier.

Rosangela Parker is Director of the Church Street District. She said she's held regular meetings with many downtown and Parramore area businesses, helping them find resources.

“If we know that there is a distribution of masks somewhere, what does that look like how can we get that to you, if there are Challenges getting financial support, what are avenues they may be available,” said Parker. “All of our businesses, each has their unique need, so we try to cater those needs,” said Rosangela Parker.

The Church Street District has a Facebook page to encourage downtown area businesses to share their reopening and safety plans.

Click here to visit the Facebook page.

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