Space spectators get caught in traffic after launch is scrubbed

One News 6 viewer sat in traffic for 210 minutes

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Spectators who came out to Brevard County to watch the scrubbed launch sat in traffic delays on Wednesday.

News 6 viewer Kelly Johnson said that she sat in traffic for three and a half hours before making it back home to Orlando.

“It was bumper to bumper," said Johnson. “It’s extremely frustrating. I mean, you try to make light of it and talk about other things and put on some decent music and just try to make the best of a very bad situation.”

Florida Department of Transportation traffic camera footage shows several thousand space spectators heading home from their viewing locations.

News 6 also saw traffic at a stand-still on State Road 528 nearly three hours after the launch was scrubbed.

Jess Hibbitt said that he watches on as others sat in the backup.

“It was just gridlock. People were taking forever to get out of a parking lot. Taking forever to turn right or left out on highway one. Once they got out there, there were just cars everywhere,” said Hibbitt.

With the next targeted launch set for 3:22 p.m. on Saturday, Hibbitt said that he expects the crowds to be even larger.

“I think Saturday, everyone is going to be a little more free and a bad day at the beach is way better than a day at work, so I think you will see more people out," said Hibbitt.

Florida Highway Patrol also closed down the Max Brewer Bridge during the afternoon, citing the heavy amount of traffic.

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