Clerical error causes Florida woman to wait on weeks of unemployment benefits

Orlando hair stylist says DEO botched her records leaving her flat broke

ORLANDO, Fla. – Charletha Cantrell applied for and received state and federal unemployment benefits for one week in May and then because of what appears to be a clerical error by the Department of Employment Opportunity went from a status of eligible, to ineligible to overpaid.

“Now I owe an overpayment for something I am eligible for,” Cantrell told News 6. “I’m tired and I’m drowning in bills and I need help.”

Cantrell and her two children a 9-year old daughter and 4 -year old son have been depending on her retired father’s monthly social security check to cover the bills.

“I’m taking care of four people off of an income of $1 thousand a month,” a frustrated Cantrell said. “That’s not including rent, that’s not including lights.”

The self-employed hairstylist was furloughed in March and is still waiting to start work again.

A DEO account specialist reset her account to her original benefits claim date of March 22nd triggering a shift in her recorded work history from the last three months of 2019 to the last three months of 2018.

That line change first discovered by News 6 may have triggered an automatic change in her status.

“Somehow my claims went from eligible to ineligible,” she said.

Cantrell said she is owed 8-weeks from the state unemployment system lost in her paper chase for benefits.

She recently completed a fourth application for unemployment benefits and found her account was active but required documents she had already filed weeks ago.

“I can’t get anywhere, I can’t get answers and I can’t get any help,” the struggling single mom said. “I’m literally stuck.”

News 6 contacted her state representatives in Broward County to escalate her application for jobless benefits.

Rep Bobby DuBose and State senator Perry Thurston serve District 94 and District 33 respectively.

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