Orlando, Sanford police chiefs to serve on new subcommittee on law enforcement accountability

8 can't-wait principles will be starting point for discussion

Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith and Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon (Associated Press, Orlando Police Department)

In response to the recent protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, The Florida Police Chiefs Association has announced a new subcommittee dedicated to the topic of law enforcement accountability and two Central Florida police chiefs will be among the members.

In a news release Wednesday, the FPCA said the 8 Can’t-Wait principles, crafted by Campaign Zero, a group focused on ending police violence, will be a starting point for the Subcommittee on Accountability and Societal Change’s initial discussion.

Those eight tenants are:

  • Ban chokeholds and strangleholds
  • Require de-escalation
  • Require warning before shooting
  • Exhaust all alternatives before shooting
  • Duty to intervene
  • Ban shooting at moving vehicles
  • Require use of force continuum
  • Require comprehensive reporting

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon and Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith will be among the law enforcement leaders discussing those ideas and coming up with solutions to the problems our country is facing today.

FPCA president and Temple Terrace Police Department Chief Kenneth Albano said the ultimate goals of the new subcommittee are to lead the way for positive change, rebuild trust and accountability and create standardized procedures that can be used statewide.

“This is just the beginning. Moving forward, next steps will include working with the community leaders participating on this subcommittee, as well as our citizenry across the state, to address a myriad of societal issues and concerns that continue to contribute to the creation of negative encounters between members of our communities and their police officers,” Albano said in a news release.

Below are the subcommittee members, who have each been asked to pick a member of the community to serve alongside them to ensure a variety of input:

  • Chair: Chief Anthony Holloway, St. Petersburg Police Department
  • Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Pritt, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Chief Michael Gregory, Boynton Beach Police Department
  • Chief Daniel Slaughter, Clearwater Police Department
  • Chief Orlando Rolón, Orlando Police Department
  • Chief Brian Dugan, Tampa Police Department
  • Chief Charles Broadway, Clermont Police Department
  • Chief Cecil Smith, Sanford Police Department
  • Chief Terri Brown, Florida State University Police Department
  • Chief Dexter Williams, Miramar Police Department and president, Broward County Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Major David De La Espriella, Miami Beach Police Department and president, Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Dr. Lorie Fridell, professor and subject matter expert on use of force, Department of Criminology, University of South Florida