Orlando girl designs pin for police to promote equality for all

Kamari Lewis to distribute 500 pins

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orlando girl is hoping law enforcement officers will wear a pin she designed to show their support for treating all people equally.

Kamari Lewis,11, said her idea started with a letter.

“All people deserve to be treated equally, no matter what shape, size, gender, or color,” she wrote.

Lewis said she was upset about the death of George Floyd. She wrote her feelings down on paper after her parents, Cedric and Kali Johnson, spoke to her about race relations in the country.

"It was one of those difficult conversations that you have to have with your kids to shed light on what's going on in the world," Cedric Johnson said.

She turned her emotions into action and started "Pins for Police."

She drew a design of a black and white heart with an equal sign in the middle. She said it symbolizes how everyone deserves love, no matter the color of their skin.

She is hoping law enforcement officers will wear the pins to show people they interact with they believe in this message.

"They would feel like that person would treat me equally, the police will treat me equally because maybe this pin would symbolize that they would be treated equally," Lewis said.

Lewis’ parents shared her vision with friends, family and coworkers. They started a GoFundMe page and raised more than $3,000 to make the pins.

The family said they ordered 500 pins in the first batch and they hope to give them to local law enforcement.

Lewis said she is meeting with the Osceola County Sheriff's Office next week.

Her mother said they are proud of Kamari and how she is doing her part to make a difference.

"Things could definitely change so that she doesn't have to have these conversations with her children and so at some point and everybody is going to be looked at the same and that black lives matter," Kali Johnson said.

Lewis said she is just starting with law enforcement, but hopes to offer the pins to anyone who supports the message.

Law enforcement interested in receiving a pin can email pinsforpolice@yahoo.com.

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