Orlando-area teen who tested positive for COVID-19 says he took all recommended precautions

19-year-old encouraging friends to get tested after experiencing few symptoms

WINDERMERE, Fla. – As the number of coronavirus cases climbs across the state, medical experts said more new cases in Florida are among young people.

The trend has forced state leaders to make decisions to roll back reopening plans and force some businesses like bars to close.

Ian Scott, 19, is among the group of younger patients to test positive for the novel coronavirus. He said he took all of the precautions and still tested positive for COVID-19.

“It’s no fun being stuck in your house for two weeks,” Scott said.

The Windermere resident, who is home for the summer from college in Fort Myers, said he wore his mask most of the time and avoided bars. He said he only had mild symptoms, like fatigue and a cough, which is why he’s spreading the message about the virus now to his friends and even his fraternity brothers at Florida Gulf Coast University and is encouraging them to know their health status.

“I sent a message in one of our group chats saying, ‘Hey, guys, make sure you go and get tested. I’m not feeling good,' legit, and a lot of people who I’m friends with have done that as well,” Scott said.

Scott told News 6 he doesn't know where or how he may have contracted the coronavirus.

He said he felt fatigue almost two weeks ago after a boat ride. The next day, he got tested at the Orange County Convention Center and learned he was positive for COVID-19 a week later.

“I think people (who are) young, even myself included, have all had the mentality of ‘We’re invincible, we can’t get it,‘” Scott said. “Just be responsible, make sure you don’t pass it on to somebody else that could be more affected by it.”

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