Florida woman goes home after 3-month battle with COVID-19

Antoinette Joseph, 59, went home this week after 3-months in the hospital with the coronavirus. (Image credit: Joseph family) (wkmg 2020)

ORLANDO, Fla. – After 3 months in the hospital with a severe case of the coronavirus, Antoinette Joseph is finally home with her loved ones.

The 59-year-old was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March. Her long battle with the virus included more than 30 days in a coma, and she was treated at three different hospitals. Now, Joseph is free of the virus.

She said she has very little recollection of what happened after she arrived at Poinciana hospital on March 27.

“They keep me in the hospital but I don’t know nothing after that,” Joseph said.

Her symptoms included fever, fatigue, headaches, and trouble breathing. Her Creole interpreter says Joseph always kept a positive mindset after she woke up from her coma.

“You know she wanted to live. She makes people laugh while she’s in rehab, while she’s having therapy but she was so happy like someone (who has) hope,” Carline Thervil said.

Antoinette Joseph’s husband Reynold Joseph recalled praying with her while she was at Select Specialty Hospital in Orlando South. It was the second hospital she was admitted to after she came out of her coma.

“I sit down on the floor, pray with her while she inside looking at me from the window,” he recalled. “I believe Jesus. Because Jesus is everywhere you are, everywhere you go, Jesus is with you.”

During a zoom interview, the mother of five said she feels good and is happy to be home. She said it was her faith that kept her strong and alive.

“I love Jesus and Jesus saved me,” she said.

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