Orlando Pastor offers words of hope during global pandemic

Pastor encourages faith and hope during times of crisis

Orlando – The pandemic has been a rough time for so many, from financial fallout, loss of business, family, friends or even food insecurity.

Pastor Ken Green of Prince of Peace/Principe de Paz Lutheran Church in Orlando offered some words of hope to help the community get through.

“During this coronavirus and during this social distancing and a time of, really, isolation, you have a loneliness at times and even if you’re connecting with people, there’s something that’s just so different,” said Green. “And it brings you to the realization that, ‘I never had that much control over anything, I have control over my choices, but I don’t have control over everything.’ Drive on I-4, you’ll realize you don’t have control over all that much.”

Green said when people realize they have no control that’s when they need to have hope.

“That’s when you need to know there’s someone who’s pulling for you, who’s praying for you, someone who will be there for you, someone you can reach out and you know they will listen and they will care,” Green said.

The religious leader said sometimes faith can provide support in a time of great need.

“God (is) ultimately somehow in the middle of all this mess,” Green said, adding that’s who he believes is in control.

“We have to trust it. It’s kind of like a child taking the hand of the daddy, sometimes you don’t know where daddy’s leading you, sometimes you may throw a tantrum on the way, but he’s taking you to the ice cream shop, so if you just hold his hand, you’re going to get there.”

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