Parramore restaurant owner says he will create more jobs amid pandemic

Tim Green plans to open a Cigar and Hookah Lounge

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – While many people have been struggling to make ends meet, others have even lost their jobs because of COVID-19, but for some people, the past few months have helped them fulfill their passions.

During these tough times and when it seems like things just can’t get any worse, there are people with a different perspective living out their passion during this pandemic.

“Pick a dream figure it out, stay consistent and never give up,” Tim Green said.

Tim Green owns 534 Scratch Kitchen in Orlando Parramore’s neighborhood. He was closed for months because of COVID-19, but he used that time to find new and creative ways to help his community.

"In order to see a city redeveloped, you have to create jobs for the community," said Green.

He said in the fall he plans to add more jobs in Parramore when he opens a Cigar and Hookah Lounge next door to his restaurant on Church Street. It’s one of his passion projects that he and co-owner Chad Purcell have been working on for the past few months.

Owner Tim Green said he also plans to soon open a hotel and more restaurants in Parramore aimed at hiring people from the area.

“We’re all about growth and expansion and giving a helping hand,” Chad Purcell said.

Orlando resident Antonio Hunter spent the pandemic finishing his children’s book and hoping to inspire others, even his 2-year old daughter.

"This book is dedicated to everyone with a dream but feel you have no way to reach it," said Hunter. "Just believe in yourself, like in my book, I say believe in yourself."

His book is entitled “A is for Ambition.” You can purchase it at www.theambitionstore.com or at Dare Family Book Store in Longwood.

In Pine Hills, Experience Christian Center pastor Derrick McRae recently released his first book and a music album.

"I wanted to take this season and maximize my season by producing something that I knew has been inside me for a long time," said Pastor McRae.

His book is entitled, "The Process: How to Experience a Life of Transformative Faith." You can purchase it on Amazon or on Kindle.

He has a message now for all of us.

“Find the positive and that’s what I’m encouraging everyone to do during this season,” said Pastor McRae.

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