Police arrest 6 demonstrators around Universal Orlando

Police said some demonstrators refused to leave

ORLANDO, Fla. – Officers arrested six demonstrators around Universal Orlando on Friday, according to the police department.

Orlando Police said around 5 p.m. on Friday 25 protestors beging to demonstrate along streets around Universal Orlando.

Investigators said polices started to block local traffic in order to protect the safety of the demonstrators.

Police said some demonstrators started to set stuffed animals and pieces of cardboard on fire in the middle of several intersections.

Officers said the demonstration went on for the next three hours with protestors demonstrating along portions of Kirkman Road, Universal Boulevard and Turkey Lake Road.

Authorities said officers were monitoring the safety of everyone.

Police said around 8 p.m. officers asked the crowd to disperse.

Investigators said after repeated requests to leave were ignored, some demonstrators refused to leave the area.

Officers said six people were arrested on various charges.

The crowd did eventually leave, according to police.

Police said no chemical agents were deployed and no one was injured.