New flyover ramp opens from westbound SR-408 to westbound I-4

Transportation officials say this new ramp streamlines traffic

ORLANDO, Fla. – A new flyover ramp is open connecting westbound State Road 408 to westbound I-4.

I-4 Ultimate officials call the new flyover the "crown jewel" of the project.

The 120-foot tall flyover opened on Sunday. FDOT officials said it is the final ramp to open at this interchange after ost of the other ramps opened in their final configurations in May.

FDOT officials called this a "tremendous milestone" and it has the biggest impact on drivers.

The new flyover streamlines traffic and improves the connection by "removing merging points and enhancing safety and traffic flow at the intersection of Central Florida's two busiest highways," a news release said.

I-4 Ultimate officials said almost 200,000 cars travel through this intersection every day.

FDOT said crews will demolish the "antiquated interchange trumpet ramp system, the isolates the Griffin Park neighborhood from the rest of the Parramore area" in the coming months, according to a news release.

I-4 Ultimate officials said traffic is down 15% because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Crews are continuing to work and taking advantage of fewer cars on the road.

“As closures and detours continue, it is important for motorists to pay close attention to signage as familiar routes may have changes,” FDOT said in a statement. “Drivers should avoid distractions, adjust their speed, and allow plenty of time to navigate the I-4 Ultimate work zone.”

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