After recovering from COVID-19, Orlando firefighters donate plasma to help others

Orlando firefighter Kyle Hioki was one of the dozens of Orlando firefighters who tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this summer.

He said he was home for 14 days recovering then took two COVID-19 tests before going back to work.

Once he tested negative, he decided to donate his plasma to OneBlood to help patients still suffering from the virus.

"Part of being a firefighter you know we like to help others. This is just another way to give back just in case so I'm glad I can do my part and help out," Hioki said.

The Orlando Fire Department reported 111 positive cases this summer. Lt. Jereme Cadorette said most of them have recovered and only four firefighters are currently in isolation.

"Our living environment we live together for 24 hours we ride in a fire truck together, we eat together, we sleep in the same room together, so we are a family every 24 hours, so it's difficult to prevent it from happening," Cadorette explained.

Firefighter Joe Creasman said he wanted to donate plasma because he wants to potentially help victims of COVID-19 recover just like he did.

"Seems like a very minor thing to do. A lot of people out there having a tough time with this regardless if they're young, old, medical condition. If I can spend 30 minutes of my time donating my plasma to help a few people, then I'm all about it," Creasman said.

More Orlando firefighters are expected to donate plasma to OneBlood on Tuesday and Wednesday.

About the Author:

Ezzy Castro is a multimedia journalist on News 6's morning team who has a passion for telling the stories of the people in the Central Florida community. Ezzy worked at WFOR CBS4 in South Florida and KBMT in Beaumont, Texas, where she covered Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Being from Miami, Ezzy loves Cuban coffee and croquetas!