Code 9 Project provides support for first responders, veterans

Many feeling hopeless and helpless

ORLANDO, Fla. – First responders are always on the front line, putting themselves at risk to help those in need. Their high-stress jobs are even more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many say they’re feeling hopeless and helpless.

The Code 9 Project is a nonprofit organization that provides support for first responders, veterans and their families through various resources.

New 6 anchor Bridgett Ellison recently spoke with the president and co-founder, Brandielee Baker, NLPMP, about how the organization is responding to first responders’ needs. You can watch the interview in the video player above.

Find out more at The Code 9 Project or call the national helpline, open 24/7 for all frontline workers, first responders and veterans, at 844-HOPE-247.

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