Volusia County woman says she’s too concerned with COVID-19 to send grandson back to school

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – Sharon Busch, 72, is raising her 16-year-old grandson who planned on returning to New Smyrna Beach High School for this school year.

But with the higher numbers of COVID-19 cases reported over the past several weeks, Busch has changed her mind from brick and mortar to virtual school.

“We were hoping it would gradually be changing for the better but we don’t see the percentages below where they should be, so that’s a frightening thing,” Busch said.

She’s also concerned that her grandson could bring the virus back home to her and her husband who is recovering from heart surgery.

"With our age, you worry about that and then you worry about kids. If they get out with other children and bring things back to us, because people are going to be going in who have not been tested and just going to be sharing it. And pretty soon the school is going to explode again and everybody's going to be back home," she said.

Busch said she's now enrolled her grandson in Volusia Live, where he'll follow scheduled online classes at home. According to a 2018 report received from the Council on Aging of Volusia County, there are more than 2,300 grandparents who are 60 and older raising their grandchildren in the county.

Busch said it simply comes down to minimizing the risk for her entire family.

“I think the kids understand it, but it’s a difficult situation. It’s a pandemic and that’s something nobody has ever experienced,” she said.

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