Tax-free holiday underway for back-to-school shoppers

School supplies, clothes -- and some electronics are tax-free through Sunday

While parents may be out buying clothes and school supplies, it’s the computers and electronics that are expected to be the hot buys during the tax-free holiday because more students will soon be learning from home.

Melanie Rivera, a mother of two, showed up early to get her shopping done and beat the crowds at a Sanford store.

"I like to usually get it done early but with everything going on this year and not knowing what our decision would be, I kind of put it off. So I decided to come out today and save a couple dollars," said Rivera.

Florida’s back-to-school tax-free holiday is underway. Sales tax is lifted on clothes and footwear under $60 as well as most school supplies $15 or less.

Shopping for things like clothes, backpacks and school supplies during the tax-free holiday may also give retailers a boost while helping families spare some chunk change.

"Maybe saving a couple dollars here is good because we did spend money on masks too," said Rivera.

The school shopping holiday is expected to save Floridians about $41.8 million over the weekend.

“Unfortunately, some of the enthusiasm has been drained out as a result of COVID. But, kids are getting ready and the holiday provides a nice break when most Floridians could use a break right now,” said Scott Shalley, President of the Florida Retail Federation.

With more students opting for virtual learning, parents can save money on electronics. The first $1,000 of personal computers and laptops are also covered by the tax-free holiday.

“I don’t think the legislature knew at the time that it was going to be as big of a deal as it is, but it’s definitely going to help a lot of families,” said Shalley.

On top of the tax-free holiday, Shalley said many stores are expected to offer extra discounts this weekend.

The tax-free holiday runs through Sunday.

Full details of the tax holiday can be viewed at this link.

Parents of Central Florida students can find everything they need to know about their district’s back-to-school plan at ClickOrlando.com/backtoschool.

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