UPDATE: Derrick Henry re-elected as Daytona Beach mayor after recount

Derrick Henry received more than 50% of the vote but recount was ordered

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla.UPDATE: The Volusia County Supervisor of Elections announced Friday evening that the recount had been completed and incumbent Derrick Henry was re-elected as Daytona Beach mayor.

Original story below:

On election night it appeared Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry was a show in serving another term as the leader of the Volusia County city but election officials revealed Thursday a recount is in order.

According to Volusia County Supervisor of Elections, the Volusia County Canvassing Board has ordered a recount.

The recount is open to the public and will happen at the county Department of Elections on Friday at 2 p.m. at 1750 South Woodland Blvd. in Deland.

For the race, 12,177 total votes cast in total. Sherrise Boyd received 2,280 votes with 18.72%, Derrick Henry received 6,101 votes with 50.10% of the vote and Ken Strickland received 3,796 votes with 31.17%.

According to Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis, a recount needed when the votes for two candidates is within less than a half of a percent of the other candidate that’s in the lead. In the case of the Daytona Beach mayoral race it’s less than a quarter percent so a recount is needed.

If the machine recount indicates that a manual recount is required, the manual recount will begin following the machine recount.