Introducing Space Curious, a new podcast by WKMG News 6

First episode coming Aug. 26 on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play

How did the International Space Station get assembled in orbit? What happens to all the space junk? What is a white hole? Space Curious, a new podcast by WKMG News 6 and Graham Media will answer those questions and more during its debut season coming this August.

Hosted by WKMG space reporter Emilee Speck and edited by Graham Media Director of Podcasts, Zak Rosen, each episode will answer space-related questions submitted from our audience. Speck, a Space Coast native, has been covering stories of spaceflight for more than seven years, from planetary science to the recent return to astronaut launches from Florida’s Coast.

With the help from experts, including scientists, engineers, fellow space journalist and astronauts, Space Curious will bring fascinating topics to your favorite podcast platform.

Anyone can submit a question for the show below or for the mobile form click or tap here for a chance to be part of the episode and have your curiosities answered by the experts.

Space Curious was created to inspire everyone, from those with a mild interest in space exploration to the space fanatics.

New episodes will be released every other Wednesday on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. Follow and subscribe to listen along beginning with the first episode coming Aug. 26.

Check out episodes below:

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