Nonprofit makes cross country trip to help Orlando family

Miracles For Vets delivers much needed transportation for Army veteran and his family

When veteran, Wiley Post, and his family were at their lowest point they reached out to an unlikely source for help.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – When veteran, Wiley Post, and his family were at their lowest point they reached out to an unlikely source for help.

The family desperately needed transportation and an organization halfway across the country made a long haul donation just in time.

Larry Medivil Jr., a former Orlando resident, drove all the way from Grand Forks, North Dakota to deliver a 2008 Dodge Caravan free of charge.

“I needed help getting to another state for work,” Post said. “I started checking around and someone recommended M4Vets. So I checked it out and Mr. Larry here came through.”

Post, an Army veteran moved his family to Orlando a year ago to be closer to the Orlando VA Medical Center. He says things just haven’t worked out. He was injured and has had trouble finding quality work.

“Things have been really hard,” Post said. “Trying to raise a family of five on disability benefits is impossible.”

A job opportunity opened up in Colorado but without a vehicle he had no way of getting there. Post took a long distance chance and reached out to the nonprofit, Miracles For Vets.

“I really can’t put into words how exciting it was to hear back. To find someone out there who would help,” Post said.

A few weeks later, Mendivil, towing the red minivan, pulled into Downtown Orlando.

“I got a lot more than I expected,” Post smiled as he inspected the new ride sitting in front of his home. “It’s got the stow and go seats, third row.”

Enough room for his entire family.

Mendivil, an Air Force veteran and founder of Miracles For Vets Inc. (M4V), has been repairing and donating vehicles for veterans in the North Dakota and Minnesota area since 2012.

“I noticed a lot of veterans were having the same issue I was having,” Mendivil remembers. “They need reliable transportation so they can do everyday things like errands and getting to appointments.”

Mendivil said he’s probably repaired more than 300 vehicles and donated another 25 to veterans in need.

His trip to Florida was a first.

“When you drive this far, to me it shows you care,” Mendivil said. “I just knew he was in the Army and he’s a proud service member. He’s my favorite kind of veteran to help. A low income veteran who needs a hand up.”

Post made it to Colorado and Mendivil is back in North Dakota where he hopes to expand his nonprofit’s services.

M4V will assist in all vehicle maintenance needs (funding permitting) for local veterans and accepts vehicle donations. If you would like to help, more information can be found on their website.

“It’s an amazing feeling,”Mendivil said. “It’s pretty much like a natural high when you help a veteran. It’s awesome.”

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