Brevard SPCA en route to help pets stranded by Hurricane Laura

40 dogs, 30 cats returning on rescue mission from Louisiana

A handfull of kittens, of the more than 80 that need foster homes, at the Brevard County SPCA. (Photo: SPCA of Brevard)

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – This week the SPCA of Brevard will head to Louisiana to rescue 70 pets from kill shelters and bringing them back to Central Florida to find forever homes.

Hurricane Laura made landfall last week along Louisiana’s coast leaving destruction in its wake. According to the SPCA, dogs and cats have started arriving at rural shelters near Lafayette, Louisiana. These pets could have been lost in the storm or are from families who lost their homes during Laura.

The nonprofit said in order for underfunded shelters to make space for new arrivals, animals that had already been there could be euthanized. On Tuesday morning, the SPCA will send five vehicles to Lafayette to save those animals, bringing them back to Florida.

“Unfortunately, natural disasters aren’t just a crisis for humans, they are also a crisis for shelter pets,” SPCA of Brevard Executive Director Angie Friers said. “Not only did these pets ride out the storm in rural shelters that were ravaged during the severe winds and rain, now they could potentially be euthanized when new strays that were previously in homes arrive simply because there is no space. We are in the position to help those animals and make sure they find loving homes, so that’s what we plan to do.”

The shelter plans to return to Titusville with 40 dogs, including two that are possibly carrying puppies, and 30 cats.

After arriving in Florida, all animals will receive full veterinary care.

The public can help by signing up to foster one of the animals currently at the shelter to help make room for the pets coming from Louisana. Donations are also needed to help cover treatment for the dogs rescued that are heart worm positive.

To sign up to foster or donate, visit