Students return to school in Volusia County

Volusia is last local school district to start semester

DELTONA, Fla. – Mia Gonzalez, 12, is starting 7th grade this year at Deltona Middle School. Though she was a little hesitant on Monday for the first day of school, she said coming back amid the coronavirus pandemic was a good idea.

“I get to see some of my friends again. Not all my friends are gonna be there because they’re taking class online but that’s going to be completely fine,” she said.

Volusia County is the last district to start the new school year in Central Florida, delaying the first day of school by three weeks because of COVID-19.

Mia’s father, David Gonzalez, explained he is a bit worried even with all the safety precautions the district placed in schools.

“I’m a little concerned about the possibility of getting the COVID and right now it doesn’t seem like it’s much danger, but there’s still that slight chance,” Gonzalez said.

The district said students and teachers returning for in-person learning will have to wear masks and have their temperatures checked.

Gonzalez said if there’s an outbreak at Mia’s school, she’s prepared to go back to virtual learning at home.

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