Florida Foodie: Black-owned business pivots during the pandemic

The owner of Popcorn Junkie shares how his business is adapting during Covid-19

ORLANDO, Fla. – Neal Crosier has been dealing with a lot of change in the last couple of years.

He and his wife moved to Central Florida from Chicago for the weather, unsurprisingly. In 2017, the couple opened their business, Popcorn Junkie, in the heart of Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, a historically black and underserved community.

Since opening up their store, Parramore has gone through a lot of changes of its own. More affordable housing has moved into the area, along with restaurants and businesses. At the same time, Crosier and his wife have been working to preserve the history of the area, while continuing to build it up.

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit and, like so many other businesses, Crosier was forced to pivot and adapt his business model to stay open. Amid the pandemic, the nation has seen a sweeping push for racial justice and equality, bringing new attention to Black-owned businesses and encouraging an effort to support them.

Neal Crosier shares his story with the hosts of Florida Foodie, explaining how Popcorn Junkie came to life and what’s changed for him during the pandemic. He also talks about how he is supporting other people who want to start their own businesses.

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