Parramore small business owners welcome growth, change to Orlando community

District 534 Restaurant and Bar owner glad to be part of movement

ORLANDO, Fla. – The face of Orlando’s Parramore community is changing daily and some residents say the change is for the better creating a more bustling and booming Parramore.

More affordable housing has opened in the area and the Orlando City soccer stadium is drawing in new restaurants and shops.

The changes are rising rent prices as the historic Orlando neighborhood becomes more popular forcing some people out but Tim Green, the owner of District 534 Restaurant and Bar on Church Street, said his business is there to stay.

“I definitely welcome the change and it’s great to be apart of this movement,” Green said.

He said he wants to preserve the history and give back.

“Preserve the history. Give our community a place to gather, a place to have events,” Green said of his business.

The building he owns was built in 1922. Green said he plans to keep the original exposed brick.

Green said he supports building up his community and motivating Parramore residents to stay.

“We wanted to illustrate that now and say, ‘Look this is what you can expect to come as we continue to redevelop the area,’” Green said.

Neal Crosier is the owner of Popcorn Junkie his business is across the street from Green’s on Church street. He said he’s also invested in Parramore and all it has to offer.

“We want to be apart of it. For the long run, the long haul, we’re definitely here to say,” Crosier said. “The whole picture of the history, it makes a commitment on our part.”

Orlando city commissioner Regina Hill said the city is working to help some businesses with funding and planning.

“We are trying to make sure we maintain the small businesses that are in Parramore,” Hill said.

To read more about business incentives and services offered by the city of Orlando to assist small businesses, click here.

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