Is fake crowd noise in football awkward?

Matt’s favorite college football team still stinks

We are talking about football, college, and NFL, with two guys who know the game very well.

Mac Loudermilk is the standout former UCF punter known for his flowing hair both on his head and chin...and his exuberant celebrations on the field.

Michael Coe is a former NFL player. The cornerback has spent time with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and the Indianapolis Colts to name a few.

Both men joined us to talk about the return of pro and college ball.

Of course, one big concern was players returning to the field amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Loudermilk says it’s a challenge to keep the college crowd in line but the one thing players have to remember is they are not on the field for just themselves.

“We had a saying at UCF that was you’re not just playing for yourself or the name on the back of your jersey. You’re playing for the buddy to the left and the buddy to the right of you and that’s what kind of propelled us from that horrible 0-12 season to now the success that we have.”

So far the NFL has seen a lot of success as well. After week one, no teams have reported an outbreak of COVID-19 despite the fact they are not in a bubble like we saw with the NBA.

Michael Coe said with the frequency of testing it’s almost like being in your own bubble.

“The protocols are pretty stringent and you are in your own little bubble so to speak anyway. And the fact of how many times and the frequency which they test guys and like you said the staff. I am pretty sure before the game, after the game on the travel on the plane they are doing the same thing. I think the NFL is going to make it as safe as possible. Obviously nothing is 100 percent proof. I think a lot of the guys watching them play, everybody was just excited to play again.”

Coe also said as a new dad and a guy who has had his share of injuries and surgeries, he definitely doesn’t miss time on the gridiron.

Both Cole and Loudermilk were not fans of the fake crowd noises pumped into the stadiums or the lack of cheering during the college games. To hear more of their take on the return of football click on the link to Florida’s Fourth Estate.

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