WATCH: Bear taps man’s foot, interrupts pool-side nap

Bear runs off after encounter in Massachusetts

Bear interrupts man's pool-side nap
Bear interrupts man's pool-side nap

This was a wake-up call to remember for one guy in Massachusetts this weekend.

Matt Bete was enjoying a little pool-side nap when a bear came walking up.

The gate was left open, so it seems the bear thought it was the perfect time to see if the water was too hot, too cold or just right.

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Then he walks over to Bete, sniffs around a little and starts smelling his foot and nudges him awake.

Clearly, Bete was “beary” surprised to see who had interrupted his snooze.

Seems the bear was shocked too, and he takes off.

Bete grabbed his phone because this is something most people would want to catch on camera.

And then, you can see the bear slowly walks back toward Bete for one more quick peek before he runs off for good.