Central Florida officials respond to phase 3 reopening

Restaurants in Central Florida are also tasked with deciding which capacity to safely operate

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – On Monday, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said his office didn’t have advance knowledge of Gov. Ron DeSantis' Phase 3 reopening executive order that was issued last Friday.

He also said that his office has had to direct multiple calls from the public, asking for clarification on the order.

Mayor Demings also said his executive order requiring face coverings is still in effect in Orange County.

“Does the government need to tell you to do that in a public health crisis? I don’t think so,” Demings said.

Restaurants in Central Florida are also tasked with deciding which capacity to safely operate.

Greg Allowe is the President and managing partner of the Delaney Tavern. He said despite the governor’s order allowing bars and restaurants to operate at 100% capacity, his establishment has decided to stay at 50%.

“I was concerned about consumers' confidence and I wasn’t sure they were ready,” said Allowe. “It’s been mixed. We got a group of customers that are completely comfortable, no masks, no precautions and they are fine with it.”

Dr. Todd Husty with Seminole County said that with hospitalizations increasing in the county, masks and social distancing are still a must.

“It’s not because I’m any political leaning that I have. It’s because I’m a doctor,” Dr. Husty said.

Dr. Husty also said that the governor’s order gives people a false sense that the dangers of the coronavirus are gone.

“Now the people that were doing it because they felt like they might get fined or might get in trouble, I don’t think they think that anymore,” said Dr. Husty.

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