Type O blood may mean lower COVID-19 risk

Blood type may play role in susceptibility to infection, researchers say

The link between blood type and COVID-19

It’s starting to look like people with the O blood type may have an advantage in the global pandemic.

They may be less vulnerable to catching coronavirus, and if they do, they are less likely to get really sick from it, according to new studies published Wednesday.

A Danish study found among more than 470,000 people tested for coronavirus, only 38% with blood type O tested positive, even though 41% of the population have type-O blood.

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A Canadian study found among 95 patients critically ill with COVID-19, a higher proportion with blood type A or A/B needed mechanical ventilation compared with patients with blood group O or B.

The research gives further evidence blood type may play a role in someone’s susceptibility to infection and just how serious their illness is.

The reasons for this link aren’t clear and experts say more research is needed.