Early voters line up in Volusia County

Residents encouraged to vote before Nov. 3

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – There was a long line full of first-time voters and seasoned ones, wrapped around the Victoria Square shopping center on Friday, waiting to cast their ballots at the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Office.

“The turnout has been wonderful. We’re going into our fifth day of early voting and we’re already at 40,000 voters,” Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis said.

Lewis said Volusia County has a 35% total turnout so far and will probably put 2016 voting records to shame.

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“Seventy-two thousand people voted by mail. We’ve surpassed that. Early voting, the numbers may be about 60,000 total and we’re at 40,000 now so, I think we’re going to break both those. We’ve already broken one, we’ll break the other one. I’m almost positive.” she said.

Just ask Kelsey Rachels of DeLand, who stood in line for 45 minutes waiting to vote.

“Last year, the line wasn’t even half as long. I mean, I probably was at the H&R Block when I did it last year,” Rachels said.

Lewis said the lines at all seven polling places are running smoothly, even with fewer voting booths due to social distancing. She urges the 400,000 active voters in Volusia County to not just vote, but to vote early.

“The earlier that people get their vote by mails in, the quicker we get them counted and the results will be out election night," Lewis said.

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