Can a doctor take away someone’s driver’s license?

Ask Trooper Steve: Can my doctor take my driver's license?

We’ve all had that thought before, “Should this person even be allowed to have a driver’s license?” Believe it or not there is a procedure in place for when a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle comes into question.

Police officers and medical professionals throughout the state have the ability to resubmit someone for their driver’s examination. This could be done for a multitude of different things but usually it is related to some type of health decline or medical condition. Now just because a police agency or a medical professional submits this paperwork it does not mean that a person’s license is automatically gone.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has the form located on their website. For law enforcement throughout the state they have access to this form through their crash investigative paperwork. Once paperwork has been submitted by police or medical professionals the Department of Highway Safety then would reach out to the driver in question and submit them to the proper testing.

Ultimately, the state of Florida decides whether or not the driver keeps their driver’s license or if it’s time to surrender it.

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