Young voters in Osceola County surpass other groups in voter turnout

Election Day is Tuesday

ORLANDO, Fla. – According to the Osceola County supervisor of elections office, fifty-three percent of registered voters have cast their votes with 4 days left to Election Day on November 3rd.

One age group that seems to be standing out among other voters are those 18-25.

“I’m just one person compared to the millions out there, but I still feel like I should do my part and represent,” Adrian Rodríguez, a first-time voter said.

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At 18, Rodríguez is part of an age group that’s surpassed voters at the polls between the ages of 26-45.

Data from the supervisor of elections office shows 9 percent of voters 18-25 have cast their votes since the start of early voting on October 19th. That’s compared to voters 26-35 at 6 percent and 36-40-year-old voters at 7 percent voter turnout.

“We have a younger population in Osceola County but what this tells me is they’re getting out and voting,” Mary Jane Arrington, supervisor of elections for Osceola County said. “Cause 15 percent are under 30 and that tends to be a group that doesn’t engage as well as some of the rest.”

But for Adrian, it’s not a matter of age, it’s a matter of using your right to vote.

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“I think any vote is really important doesn’t really matter the age group,” the 18-year-old said.

And the young voters under 30 are also stepping up to the polls to lend a helping hand as election workers.

“We have record numbers and so that really pleases us because we believe if we have an election worker at 18 we’ve got a voter for life,” Arrington said.

The teen added that her office had not seen that type of participation in the last two elections.

“We maybe had one or two younger voters in their teens or early 20′s now we have a couple handful and they’ve offered to work,” Arrington said.

The last day for early voting is Sunday, Nov. 1.

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