Back to school, again: Seminole County parents must choose learning option for next semester

School district wants decision by Nov. 9

Seminole County parents need to decide learning options -- again
Seminole County parents need to decide learning options -- again

SANFORD, Fla. – Thousands of parents in Seminole County received a phone call from the school district letting them know they will soon have to make a decision on the style of learning their children will utilize next semester.

School leaders said they want to get the schedules done early, which is why they sent surveys to parents on Monday.

“We have a lot of scheduling that needs to happen. We have schedules at the school level that need to happen as more students come face-to-face. Again, with the safety on campus, we have to plan those classes out so we can keep them at low numbers,” said Michael Lawrence, communications officer with Seminole County Public Schools.

The district broke down the number of students learning remotely this semester, saying more than 33,000 are back in the classrooms.

Seminole Connect (remote learning option): 21,730

Seminole County Save-My-Seat Virtual: 6,711

Normal Virtual School: 381

Hybrid: 5,815

Face-to-face: 33,220

So far, the state has not officially said it will allow the district-run virtual option to continue after the holidays, which is why Lawrence said the district will have to plan for that scenario, too.

“We’re hoping that they come to the consensus of extending it or putting some criteria in place (in which) districts can still continue with that portion of the model -- with that remote learning piece -- (because) we still have teachers who need accommodations,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said parents are required to make a decision and turn in the surveys by 11 p.m. Monday, Nov. 9.

If parents do not turn in the surveys by then, Lawrence said their child’s school will contact them.

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