Utility crews on standby as Eta makes its way through Florida

This is second time crews have prepared for Eta

Utility crews in Florida are preparing to restore power after Tropical Storm Eta makes its way through the state.

Florida Power and Lights said that this is the second time their crews have prepared for Eta after it hit areas of south Florida last weekend.

“We had restored customers that were impacted from the first part of this storm and now we are prepared and we are already restoring customers that are affected on the west coast of the state,” spokesperson Bill Orlove.

Duke Energy said that it brought in about 350 additional crews to add to the more than 2,000 already in the state.

“We also use a priority list in making repairs and we work on public health and safety facility first and then move to make repairs that affect the great number of customers,” spokesperson Allison Barker said.

Orlando Utilities Commission said that storms across the county have deployed their crews four times this hurricane season. OUC said that is closely monitoring any outages for their 260.000 customers.

“They also know where our crews are, so there is a large screen that shows where all of our trucks and resources are and they help prioritize restoration,” spokesperson Tim Trudell said.

Thomas Carpenter, director for Lake County’s Office of Emergency Management said that officials are keeping a close eye on Eta.

“Really it’s just the timing of how quickly Eta moves through and so we will be watching that throughout the night,” Carpenter said.

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