Worker sues Disney Cruise line after boiling chocolate exploded in his face

Man suffered facial burns, permanent hearing loss in left ear

Disney Cruise Line cancels sailings through December

ORLANDO, Fla. – A seaman who previously worked for Disney Cruise line is suing the company for negligence after he was severely injured on the job during a chocolate explosion on board.

Michel Palus, of France, worked on the Disney Magic as the manager of food operations. On Nov. 18, 2018, he was working in the main pastry area when a pressurized chocolate canister, which was placed on boiling hot water, exploded in Palus' face, the lawsuit states. Court documents say Palus suffered facial burns and permanent hearing loss in his left ear.

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Palus is suing on the basis that Disney did not give him a reasonably safe place to work. The suit mentions a number of reasons, including working with a crew that was not properly trained to safely carry out duties, failing to provide a safe means for such crewmembers to complete assigned duties and failing to provide the crew with adequate spacing and non-heated surfaces to complete their jobs in the pastry department. In total, the suit names 25 reasons why Palus believes he was not given a reasonably safe place to work.

Overall, attorneys for Palus say Disney failed to determine job hazards and did not modify or eliminate them. The lawsuit adds because of the company’s lack of due diligence in not providing a safety manual, Palus also suffered unnecessary injuries and did not receive adequate care.

The former seaman is demanding disability pay and all damages entitled by law and contract.