Central Florida DJs are beating the pandemic with new project

The Nasty Beatmakers are working in Orlando studio

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Nasty Beatmakers

ORLANDO, Fla. – Usually, artists work closely together to bring your favorite songs to life. But, with health officials warning people to travel less and stay home more, many including the local Grammy award-winning duo The Nasty Beatmakers are coming up with new ways to make music.

Instead of flying back and forth to California all the time to work with artists such as DJ Khaled and Rihanna, DJ Nasty says he and his brother LVM are working out of a studio in Orlando more. The duo is also working on a new single of their own to be released this year.

Just like the rest of us who are trying to stay connected at work, The Nasty Beatmakers say they use Zoom to connect with other artists.

It’s a big change from when DJ Nasty was introduced to the business at just 15 years old.

He is the youngest of three brothers in an Afro-Cuban family that loves music. LVM and his brother Freddy played instruments so well they started a band. They were so good they were asked to tour with Snap!, the group behind the still popular song “The Power” in the early 90s.

Instead of leaving their little brother back home in Central Florida, they took him with them.

All of a sudden the young teen was surrounded by mega-stars like the Backstreet Boys.

“I was just blown away,” DJ Nasty said. “I knew the Backstreet Boys was big (but) to see that my brothers were superstars too in their own right and to see the fans scream when they saw my brothers performing or getting off the bus -- I felt like I was with the rock stars, this is definitely what I want to do.”

Flash forward to 2021 and DJ Nasty and LVM are still at it.

They say a major part of their success has to do with the connections they have fostered in the music industry starting with the manager for Snap! Johnny Wright, who helped connect them with other artists as far back as the 90s.

DJ Nasty becoming a popular radio DJ also helped them connect with stars like Ludacris. The Nasty Beatmakers’ work on his Album “Release Therapy” won them a Grammy in 2006.

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Courtesy of DJ Nasty (WKMG)

They learned about the win on their drive home to Orlando after a recording session in Miami. They were not watching the award show, so when they got the call DJ Nasty says they had to pull over and celebrate on the side of the road.

Despite all the success and working with an endless number of celebrities, the brothers say they do not plan on leaving Orlando any time soon.

Courtesy of Milton Tu (WKMG)

“I really love Orlando,” DJ Nasty said. “It’s the perfect place to raise a family.”

DJ Nasty currently works at Star 94.5 and both he and LVM’s families are in Central Florida.

LVM adds being close to his 20-year-old son has its personal and professional perks too.

“He keeps me listening to the new stuff,” he said.

At least for now, the two say moving is not on their radar. Plus, DJ Nasty says staying local lets others know they don’t have to live in L.A. or some other big city to make their music dreams come true.

“You can make it in Orlando,” DJ Nasty said.

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