Discussion over mask mandate continues in Seminole County

Commissioners say rule will remain in place until it’s safe

Commissioners in Seminole County had a conversation about when to do away with the local mask mandate.

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – The Seminole County mask mandate conversation is not one that’s going away, according to the county’s emergency manager Alan Harris, who said it’s a discussion that they will continue to have each week.

At Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, board members heard from doctors and medical professionals who provided information and their recommendations when it comes to the mask mandate.

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“I am not asking to have the mask order rescinded today,” Commissioner Amy Lockhart said.

She added that she was asking to set some criteria so that they know what it is they’re looking at, when it comes to speaking to the community about what the future for Seminole County and the mask mandate might look like.

The medical professionals touted the masks as a tool in keeping the community safe.

The chief nursing officer from Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital said the masks are the best tool for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

While the board didn’t take any action on Tuesday, some members were hoping to get a better idea of what a timeline might look like to see masks gone.

Harris said whatever the doctors are telling them will save lives, that’s the mitigation efforts they are going to take.

Harris said the mask mandate has been in effect since June 29, 2020 and remains in place today.

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