VIDEO: Gator spotted swimming with shark in Indian River Lagoon

Animal encounter seen in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH, Fla. – It’s common to see sharks and alligators in Florida, but it is rare to see both together.

Gray Vinson shared a video showing a gator wading through the water. To the left of the screen is what appears to be a small shark swimming at pace with the gator.

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Vinson caught the peculiar sight in the water on his cellphone on Sunday, according to a Facebook post. He said he was on a walking bridge in Vero Beach when he first noticed the gator around noon.

“So cool! Thanks for sharing!” and “Come on...that’s amazing,” were some of the comments shared on the Facebook video.

The gator seems to be unbothered by his aquatic companion.

Vinson explained the waterway is part of the Indian River Lagoon.

According to the estuary’s website, the Indian River Lagoon is known as “the most bio-diverse habitat in North America.” The lagoon has a special ecosystem that provides a varied habitat and 4,000 plant and animal species. The website adds that gators aren’t often spotted in its waters but some do call its waterways home.

Though the gator’s companion is yet to be confirmed to be a shark, the lagoon is known to be a haven for bull sharks. The lagoon has even been deemed a nursery for the shark species.

News 6 has contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife for more information about this sighting.