Seminole County offers vaccination event at Winter Springs High School

800 appointments fully booked for vaccinations 16 and older

Push to get younger adults vaccinated

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – Eight hundred appointments quickly filled up for a vaccination event at Winter Springs High School on Saturday, the first event targeted to younger age groups, according to Seminole County officials.

“This is the first one that is targeted at school and targeted to the school age population,” said Aaron Funk, operations manager for the county.

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This comes as hospitalizations in Seminole County in the 15-35 age group are increasing at an “alarming rate,” according to Emergency Manager Alan Harris.

According to data from the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard, of all the total cases in the county thus far, the most are in the 15-24 age group.

“We are seeing a spike after spring break,” Funk said. “We are hoping now that we are getting the vaccine out, we will start to see those rates come down.”

According to Seminole County Public Schools dashboard, there are currently 145 active cases with the most actually in the middle schools. Tuskawilla Middle School currently with the most reporting 20 active cases, according to the data.

Lyman High School sophomore Aiden Robinett got his shot at Winter Springs Saturday. He said he’s noticed teachers and school staff be stricter in recent weeks.

“They have been more tense with mask restrictions and social distancing,” Robinett said.

It’s why his mother Adriene signed him up for a vaccine right away.

“I wanted to make sure he got a spot. I got my first one a couple of weeks ago, I get my second one next week,” she said. “He’s the last one.”

In order to continue to target the younger population, Seminole County health officials will plan another vaccine event at Seminole State College next week.