A scene from Alfred Hitchcock: 800 birds funnel into family’s home

California family deals with birds for a couple days

TORRANCE, Cali. – A California family experienced an Alfred Hitchcock movie scene after coming home to over 800 birds that made their way into the house through the chimney.

According to CBS-LA in Los Angeles, the family found birds “stuck to the ceiling” and “stuck to every wall” after coming home from dinner in Torrance, near Long Beach.

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“Every room: bathrooms, bedrooms, they were all full of birds,” Patrick Belleville told CBS2. “They were just going crazy. They were hitting me in the head.”

Animal control told Belleville to open all the windows and doors, but the birds would not leave.

More than 800 birds were removed from the home by hand.

Droppings from the birds ruined a lot of their belongings, Belleville said, but he was able to steam clean the floors and sofas.

Belleville said he worked through the night to get the birds out, but the family continued seeing “random birds flying out of closets and stuff” for another two days.

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