It’s time to start looking for work, Florida unemployment officials say

Those collecting unemployment benefits need to report a jobs search

To motivate Florida residents still on state unemployment rolls the Department of Economic Opportunity wants anyone collecting benefits to demonstrate they have applied for work.

To motivate Florida residents still on state unemployment rolls, the Department of Economic Opportunity wants anyone collecting benefits to demonstrate they have applied for work.

Department of Economic Opportunity Director Dane Eagle said it is all about helping people get back into the workforce once the extra federal benefits lapse on June 26.

“There is hope on the horizon,” Eagle said. “400,000 jobs are out there, we want to help you connect with those jobs.”

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Effective June 1, unemployment claimants will be required to search for work and report to the DEO to continue collecting unemployment benefits. Those work search requirements have been waived for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“One day they’re going to wake up and they’re not going to have the unemployment benefits,” Eagle said. “If they haven’t been prudent in searching for a job they’re not going to have income.”

According to Florida Insight as of April, there were more than 460,000 jobs available ranging from registered nurses with more than 20-thousand openings to restaurant staff and cooks with more than 10,000 jobs combined.

The big question is will there be any takers for the jobs that are available.

Mark Hamrick,’s senior economic analyst said people in search of new positions can be selective.

“In terms of getting people back to work it’s a competitive landscape out there,” Hamrick said. “That means for people that have the appropriate skills this economy is your oyster.”

Just this week the Orlando Economic Partnership announced TogetherHealth will offer 300 new jobs to accommodate a new office in Lake Mary.

The company’s new office is located at 255 Primera Blvd Suite 132.

“Seminole County is pleased to welcome TogetherHealth to our County,” said Seminole County Chairman Lee Constantine. “Vibrant communities begin with a diverse employment base. The 300 jobs TogetherHealth is creating are key to the continued diversification of our local economy.”

In a news release, the company said, “the median compensation for an agent is between $65,000 - $100,000 per year including commission and full benefits.”

The company will provide paid time off for an employee’s COVID-19 vaccination appointment. The company is also hiring call center trainers, Medicare specialists, quality assurance professionals and supervisors. Open positions at the company can be found at

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