Woman says unemployment benefits delayed a year because of mystery employer

$1,400 ‘over payment’ paid but benefits still have not been issued

Tamika Nixon is convinced she is a victim of inaccurate business records that have linked her name to a payroll of a company she said she has never heard of or worked for.

Nixon said the Department of Economic Opportunity told her she received unemployment benefits in 2010.

“(The DEO) said I worked for this company while I was receiving benefits back in 2010, " Nixon said. “I paid the overpayment so I could get my benefits.”

Capital Investments of Orlando, the company she said was linked to her work record, is not listed on Nixon’s monetary determination documents.

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A review of Nixon’s DEO records confirmed she has four former employers, none in the investment industry.

Nixon told News 6 she borrowed $1,400 relatives to pay the overpayment on her DEO record because the department assured her she would receive the benefits once the issue was resolved.

With June fast approaching Nixon is still waiting for benefits because of a job she never held 11 years ago.

“The DEO never said anything about a length of time,” she said. ”It was just that this company claimed I worked for them.”

News 6 has been investigating dozens of cases where individuals eligible for benefits have been blocked because of return to work issues.

Peter McCarthy, an unemployed rehab counselor in Miami said he worked a single 3-hour session and was listed as a full-time employee.

“They think I have boatloads of money but I’m draining my mother’s 401K,” the frustrated father of two said. “It wears and tears on you for sure.”

In another case, Caliayh Copeland said she worked less than two weeks for a company and her benefits have been on hold for the last 18 weeks.

“I just need my money in full,” she said. “There is no reason for this hold to be on my benefits.”

News 6 presented all three cases to the DEO. McCarthy received more than $8,000 in back benefits while Copeland and Nixon are still waiting for their status to be updated.

Each case is different and may be resolved in a few days but many times it will take up to a month.

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