Tourists react to Universal Orlando dropping mask policy

Vaccinated Universal guests will not have to wear a facial covering both inside and outside starting Saturday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Tourists were reacting to loosened mask policies along International Drive on Friday evening.

Matt Willcox is visiting from Ohio and said not wearing a mask helped create a better experience in the Florida heat.

“I like it, I mean I feel like it’s going back to normal a little bit. It feels good to not have a mask on,” Wilcox said. “When I had my mask on earlier, going from not having it on, to putting it on, it is a lot hotter with it on.”

Universal Orlando said starting Saturday, vaccinated guests will not have to wear a facial covering both inside and outside.

Earlier this week, Seaworld also made the change.

As of Friday, Walt Disney World still requires facial coverings indoors for any guests ages 2 and up.

Stephanie Kuxnetsov is visiting from Indiana and said that she is still cautious to take off her mask in crowded places.

“I think everyone is tired of like a year and a half of masks and keeping six feet away,” Kuxnetsov said. “Definitely there’s that fear those who haven’t been vaccinated are going, but hopefully we have some type of herd immunity at this point, with people who’ve either gotten it or people who have been vaccinated.”

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