CDC cartoon featuring girl’s feces goes viral

CDC swimming PSA (CDC 2021)

Critics are calling it crappy, and fans are too.

It’s a GIF the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made that warns people not to go to the bathroom in a pool.

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It’s something even a whistle-twirling lifeguard can’t guard against. And no amount of sunscreen will block it.

But instead of an old-fashioned PSA featuring a PHD earnestly issuing a warning, the CDC took the plunge and came up with this.

A campaign focused on warning people that they shouldn’t swim if they are sick with diarrhea, complete with GIFs showing kids pooping in pools.

While the CDC said, “One person with diarrhea can contaminate the entire pool,” one GIF contaminated the entire internet.

As the tweets went virlal, many just summed it up by tweeting, “Your taxpayer dollars were spent paying someone to make a graphic of a child pooping on a slide.”

But others declared it the “Best ad ever.”

The Huffington Post dubbed it “Poop-tastic” and many echoed this comment, “Whoever decided to do this as a social media campaign needs a raise for how many people have now seen this and will remember the slide.”

And if the slide slips your mind, there’s toilet snorkeling.

With these GIFS, the CDC meets Caddyshack when a floating object emptied the pool.

For some, the CDC’s warnings may seem obvious. “No sh**,” responded one comedian.

But no amount of splashing will wash away these images.