2 homes condemned after trees slice through them as storms sweep through Orlando

Jessamine Avenue and N. Hillside avenue were hit by storm damage

Storms cause trees to crash down into homes

Two homes are condemned after rolling storms swept through the area, causing multiple trees to uproot and crash onto homes.

On Jessamine Avenue, the home is barely visible after two trees buried the home and the resident’s car.

A friend of the family left a car at the home as well but is unable to move it due to debris.

The resident was too shaken to reveal her name but spoke to News 6 for a brief moment.

“I don’t know what to do,” said the resident as she breathed heavily, “I don’t know, we don’t have nowhere to live no more.”

According to the resident, two trees fell on the home. The first tree reportedly was struck by lighting and the other was uprooted during the storm.

“My grandson’s bedroom is right on the front,” the resident said. “He was laying there in the bed and a branch rammed right through wall right where he was lying in bed. My daughter was cooking dinner in the kitchen and a giant branch fell on the house like King Kong stepped on the house and water just started pouring in.”

She said from there, the family was able to get out safely, but says she doesn’t know what to do next after her landlord told her she had limited options.

“She (the landlord) didn’t have no insurance, she told us that when we moved in, but we didn’t have nowhere else to go,” she said.

More than one place was damaged by the rolling storms.

On North Hillside Avenue, there was another home where a tree sliced through the house.

“When I saw that I was really surprised,” said Mary Moyers.

Moyers says storm damage like this isn’t new to her, but was still shocked to learn her neighbor’s home was condemned after this large tree was uprooted and fell on the home.

According to the Orlando Fire Department, three people were displaced after the home was deemed unsafe to reside.

The car inside the garage still trapped from debris.

Moyers says the neighborhood has been working to prevent incidents like this from happening by cutting back trees but says to see this damage now is sobering.

“I was telling my husband it was just shocking to see that, like I say they’ve been pretty good about making sure that didn’t happen,” Moyer said.

In both the North Hillside Avenue incident and on Jessamine Avenue, there were no injuries reported.

American Red Cross is said to be assisting both families at this time.

Courtesy photo. (Orlando Fire Department)
Courtesy photo. (Orlando Fire Department)