Political expert weighs in on Gov. DeSantis’ call for special session

UCF historian and political expert Jim Clark says governor may be positioning himself for presidential candidacy

A political expert weighed in on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Thursday announcement, where he called for legislative action to provide protections for employees when it comes to vaccine mandates.

DeSantis outlined policy goals for the special session, such as holding businesses accountable for any negative reactions to the vaccine, eliminating legal protections for employers with vaccine mandates and adding protections for people who are fired for choosing to remain unvaccinated.

“That is something that cannot wait until the regular legislative session next year,” DeSantis said. “It needs to happen soon, and so we will be calling the legislature back for a special session.”

Jim Clark, a UCF historian and political expert, said DeSantis has emerged as the leading critic of President Joe Biden’s action when it comes to COVID-19. Clark said the governor may be positioning himself for presidential candidacy, having raised $50 million dollars for his campaign.

“If former President Donald Trump doesn’t run for president, this is just the beginning of a Biden and DeSantis feud,” Clark said. “This is the opening round in a fight which may end in 2024 with a presidential race. Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking on President Biden.”

DeSantis said the special session will be held in November, but no date has been set yet.