Brevard County disaster relief nonprofit starts mission bringing water purifiers to war-torn Ukraine

Local voluneteers lending a hand ot war-torn Ukriane.

A Brevard County nonprofit is making its way to Ukraine to help with relief efforts by bringing water purifiers to heavily war-torn areas.

Joe Hurston, who is the founder of Air Mobile Ministries, a Titusville nonprofit specializing in disaster relief, is taking these 10 portable water purifiers to Ukraine.

“Getting into the most critical areas,” Hurston said. “Areas that have been bombed and blown up and water lines have all been busted up.”

Ukraine has been in a weeks-long conflict after being invaded by Russia.

Hurston has been doing disaster relief for over 40 years, but says he hasn’t served in a war zone like this.

He hopes to help people stuck between the fighting.

“I’ve heard of babies dying of dehydration because there is no water there, so our goal is to get these portable machines in to place to where people can take dirty water and make it clean,” Hurston said.

Each machine costs $3,000 and is manufactured by Hurston’s team.

They currently have over 1,400 in 47 countries impacted from natural disasters.

The machine uses UV-light technology to clean the water, its small size makes it more flexible for harsh environments.

“We can run it on electricity or on 12-volts and that’s very important, we can run it on a battery from a car that’s been blown-up, the battery is good,” Hurston said.

Hurston’s two-man team will be flying into Poland to meet up with other humanitarian groups.

Hurston says his team is fully-equipped no matter the situation, but also says they can’t share exactly where they’re headed due to safety.

“You know my wife told me I got to come home and of course I want to come home,” Hurston said.

It’s here at home in the United States where he is calling on everyone to lend a prayer.

“We need prayer, that is so important, Hurston said. “And I’m not saying it just to say it, we really need prayer.”

Air Mobile Ministries will be documenting their entire trip, you can follow them along their journey or even lend a helping hand by clicking here.

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