Gas prices jump again in Florida, up $1.40 per gallon from year ago

Global supply concerns cause price increase

Gas prices jump again, this time ahead of the summer travel season.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gas prices are on the rise again in Florida.

Florida gas prices averaged $4.18 per gallon on Sunday, 8 cents more than a week ago and $1.40 per gallon more than this time last year.

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“Florida drivers are finding the most expensive prices at the pump in four weeks,” said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins. “Global supply concerns are keeping upward pressure on oil prices, as many countries look to limit the import of Russian oil. The global crude oil market remains an important issue for motorists, as oil prices account for more than 50% of what drivers pay at the pump. Oil prices have ping-ponged dramatically since Russia invaded Ukraine and that volatility is likely to continue through the summer travel season.”

The U.S. price for a barrel of oil advanced 3% last week. Friday’s closing settlement of $104.69 per barrel is $2.62 per barrel more than the week before, yet $1.85 per barrel less than two weeks ago.

Regional prices

  • Most expensive metro markets – West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($4.34), Fort Lauderdale ($4.23), Naples ($4.22)
  • Least expensive metro markets – Pensacola ($3.96), Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($3.98), Panama City ($4.03)

Ways to save on gasoline

  • Combine errands to limit driving time.
  • Shop around for the best gas prices in your community.
  • Consider paying cash. Some retailers charge extra per gallon for customers who pay with a credit card.
  • Remove excess weight in your vehicle.
  • Drive conservatively. Aggressive acceleration and speeding reduces fuel economy.

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