🛍️'I was like seriously?!’ What moms really think about their gifts

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News 6 Insiders share gifts they wanted for Mother's Day but didn't receive.

ORLANDO, Fla. – We’ve all heard the saying “it’s not about the gifts,” especially when it comes to the Mother’s Day holiday.

But sometimes mom gives all the hints, all the signs, and hubby and the kids just don’t get it, right?!

Maybe mom wanted a relaxing day to herself and instead, dad plans a trip with the kids to a theme park. Or many mentions of a new kitchen appliance go unnoticed and mom ends up with a robe, or slippers (I mean, nothing wrong with that. It’s the thought that matters).

If you’re a mom, let’s have some fun! We want to hear about your past experiences on Mother’s Day. Fill out the short survey below and we may mention your responses during our newscasts.

Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far from our Insiders:

Denise Whiteside from Orlando wanted new spring clothes and got a new vacuum cleaner.

“I was like SERIOUSLY? A vacuum is for the house! I gave birth to you, the house did not,” Whiteside said.

Pam Martinez from Orange City wanted a nice dinner out and received Taco Bell takeout.

“It is the thought that counts but would have really enjoyed a quiet sit down dinner,” Martinez said.

Dallas Jones from Orlando wanted a home and on Mother’s Day, said she was reminded that her kids are her home.

“I cried. My heart fills every time I see my children and know that as long as we are together, I am home,” Jones said.

Susan Langford from Oviedo said she didn’t want anything and received a card.

“I was fine. Just being recognized for being a mom was great,” Langford said.

Michele Hudnell from Orlando wanted a spa day, but instead, received a cookbook.

“I tried to hide the disappointment but my facial expression said it all,” Hudnell said.

Arianna Kinsey from Orlando said she wanted time together with her kids and got a blender.

“Wasn’t sure if the gift was for me, or to make things for everyone else in the house,” Kinsey said.

Rexanne Mancarella from Orlando said she wanted flowers and a nice meal for Mother’s Day and got a fishing pole.

“I was not happy because I don’t even fish and spending the day in the hot sun is no fun,” Mancarella said.

Some moms also gave some advice for those unsure of what to gift for Mother’s Day.

“Mom’s want a day off. Help them out around the house,” said Gretchen Quinn from Altamonte Springs.

“Ask for a list unless you are really sure,” said Pam Martinez from Orange City.

Many of our Insiders said just spending time with mom is the best gift along with love and support. (Which we should be giving every day, right?!)

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