When he’s done for the day, this photojournalist uses skills to mentor adults, kids

Investigative photojournalist explains how he is using his passion to Get Results

When you think of leaders, who do you think about? A CEO, an elected official, someone with a specific title or lots of money?

ORLANDO, Fla. – When you think of leaders, who do you think about? A CEO, an elected official, someone with a specific title or lots of money?

It turns out you don’t need any of that to impact your community. Sometimes helping others is all about identifying your passion and tapping into it.

That’s exactly what News 6 investigative photojournalist Corie Murray did.

You may remember him from a promotion News 6 ran on-air and online inviting viewers to get to know its employees.

During the video Murray talked about his passion for his work, capturing the important moments in Central Florida, and bringing them to viewers. That includes covering big trials and devastating hurricanes.

Check out the Real Talk, Real Solutions podcast in the media player below:

He also talked about the importance of giving back.

During an episode of Real Talk Real Solutions, Murray explained, for him, that means being a mentor to kids and adults.

He helps with “teach-ins” at local schools and also started a podcast to help build generational wealth. It’s called Black Men Sundays.

Murray says the two go hand-in hand. “I do teach-ins at Dream Lake Elementary,” he said. “The first instinct came from there was a little girl. I thought she was one of the best finalists for the shake competition that they do in Atlanta every year, but when I got the picture back the little girl that I really wanted to be there wasn’t there and I said why didn’t she go, they said well she didn’t have the money to go, so that’s when I started thinking.”

To make sure qualified kids aren’t left behind, Murray says he now helps provide funding as the president of the National Engineering League in the Orlando District.

As part of Murray’s podcast, which he does separately from his role at News 6, he focuses less on poverty and more on building wealth.

“I feel like I am basically giving you the journal to financial success,” said Murray.

Part of that journal/podcast includes a conversation with former president and chief executive officer of Graham Media Group, Emily Barr.

Murray said he asked Barr to talk about retirement on Black Men Sundays when she stopped by News 6 as part of her retirement tour.

After listening to the podcast, Murray says Barr was on board and willingly gave valuable nuggets on what it takes to retire well. That includes this tip about saving money, something she has been doing since her very first job.

“I wasn’t making very much money back then. I think my salary was $11,000 a year or $11,500. It seemed like a lot at the time. So, what I did was I made myself save something every month. Even if it was $25. It didn’t really matter. I had a separate savings account and I put that money in the savings account every month. It was like a discipline thing I made myself do and that’s how I started saving money,” said Barr.

In addition to Barr, Murray says he has sat down with real estate experts, accountants and financial advisors.

“I asked a financial advisor that I had on the show, I said so I had you on the show for two hours, how much would you charge me for a private consultation? He said, ‘Oh $200 to $300 bucks,’ so think about it, I am giving you gems every week for free,” said Murray.

To learn more about Murray, his commitment to the community, and how he is using his passion to get results during his free time, listen to Real Talk Real Solutions.

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