🎁‘Gift that keeps on giving’ This wrapping paper is recyclable, gives back to charity

Giftiply non-profit inspired wrapping paper gives 33% of profits to charities

Wrapping holiday gifts is not something everyone looks forward to, but there’s a Central Florida company that’s making gift-wrapping a feel good task.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Wrapping holiday gifts is not something everyone looks forward to, but there’s a Central Florida company that’s making gift-wrapping a feel good task.

“I work in the theme park design business, I was working for Nickelodeon and Paramount. Unfortunately, COVID hit and much like my co-workers and colleagues in the industry, we were hit pretty hard with mass layoffs and furloughs. I was spared until spring 2021,” said Patrick Kling founder of Giftiply.

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He said he was thinking of different business ideas and wanted to give back to non profits.

“It was Christmas time and I was looking at the tree at saw all of the wrapped presents and it really bothered me when I found out 2.3 million pounds of wrapping paper go to waste every single year,” said Kling.

Kling said he wanted to help reduce waste, but recyclable wrapping paper already existed. He thought of a way to combine sustainable wrapping paper with his passion for supporting nonprofit organizations.

Giftiply was born.

“I wanted to tie the story of a nonprofit to a wrapping paper design. Coming from the theme park design industry, I had a lot of graphic design friends who were willing to step forward,” said Kling.

Right now, eight nonprofits are represented in more than a dozen uniquely design wrapping paper options, including Give Kids the World Village. The whimsical nonprofit resort in Kissimmee provides critically ill children and their families with week-long wish vacations at no cost.

“Give Kids the World Village holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been volunteering with them for about ten years and I also used to work there before I entered the theme park industry,” said Kling.

There are two wrapping paper design representing the nonprofit: one inspired by GKTW founder, Henri Landwirth and his love for space, called ‘The Interstellar Hotel.’ The second inspired by GKTW gingerbread icons called ‘Gingerbread Fun.’

The wrapping paper is double-sided with the design on one side, and QR codes and information on the nonprofit on the other.

“We share information on their mission and then you can scan the QR code and on Christmas, Hanukah or holiday party you can learn more about the organization and you’re one click away from making a donation. Our hope with this is that the wrapping paper will be a conversation starter and a way to spread the message about the nonprofit with your friends and family in a unique way,” said Kling.

Thirty-three percent of all purchases go straight to the charity that the wrapping paper represents.

The wrapping paper is made of 100% recyclable paper.

“Even our packaging is plant-based so it will quickly biodegrade. We’re trying to be a zero-waste company,” said Kling.

Twenty-five square feet of wrapping paper comes with each pack. The package it comes in also has a plane design and instructions that will turn the package into a paper plane for some added entertainment. (They really thought about everything.)

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